Property Auction Site: CivicSource Auctioneer


Efficient and Cost Effective

With budget reductions and declining tax revenues, taxing authorities across the country are facing the incredibly complex task of finding ways to collect more taxes, without spending additional budgeted revenue. Archon’s CivicSource® Platform, which includes CivicSource® Auctioneer, is funded solely through a small collection fee passed on to the delinquent taxpayer.

Collaboration and Participation

Due to our targeted advertising, relationships with investment groups, and worldwide access to the Internet, CivicSource® Auctioneer, operating a property auction site at, offers significantly higher auction participation than traditional, analog auctions on the courthouse steps. When you have thousands of people, rather than hundreds, accessing your property auction site for a tax sale, more properties are sold.

Transparent and Open

We, at Archon, are believers in the open government movement that stresses using technology to encourage more participation and collaboration within the government.

By moving the sale process online and making it universally accessible to the public, it creates an invaluable sense of transparency and efficiency in government, and eliminates the association of any perceived bias.

CivicSource® Auctioneer invites participants to take part in the civic process from the convenience of their own computers. For those without computers and in compliance with public access laws relative to tax sale, Archon can set up kiosks in a public or municipal building for use during the hours of the tax sale.



Internet-Based Auctions

Performing every aspect of online sales, including electronic payment processing, through our industry-standard platform,


Consulting and Drafting

Offering experienced, tax-specific consulting and legislative drafting relative to property tax collections, and specifically to 2008 ACT 819.


Interested Party Title Research

Managing every aspect of public record, tax sale, tax notice and interested party research through utilization of Professional Landmen.


Geocoded Property Mapping

Performing geocode processing on all properties allowing for users to view locations of the parcels that are up for auction on map overlays.


Customized Search Results

Offering several intuitive browsing features allowing users to search, categorize and download information on all of the properties being offered at a specific sale.


Online Payment Processing

Managing the entire payment process through an online payment portal, which accepts ACH, wire transfers, and cash.

More Information

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