CivicSource Administrator


Turnkey Delinquent Tax Management

CivicSource® Administrator encompasses all aspects of delinquent property tax account management and collection. It is a tool to assist government officials and employees in day-to day operations, enabling users to easily search for and find information on delinquent accounts.

All collection efforts, including call campaigns, letter campaigns and certified notices, are cataloged in CivicSource® Administrator. It also provides digital management of documents associated with delinquent accounts. Among said documents are tax sale deeds, tax sale certificates or any other such documentation associated with an account.

CivicSource® Administrator, is funded solely through a small collection fee passed on to the delinquent taxpayer, at no cost to your department.

Adaptability and Flexibility

In keeping with Archon’s philosophy of adapting to best suit our clients’ needs, CivicSource® Administrator can be implemented in multiple ways, depending on the client’s preference.

Documents such as delinquency notices, tax lien certificates, and any other associated correspondence are scanned and stored in CivicSource® Administrator and are available for print on demand. Taxing Authority workers gain access to delinquent account information via a web-based, easy-to-navigate user interface. Gone are the days of searching through paper and multiple archives. Delinquent accounts can be searched by using any number of identifiers including, but not limited to, owner name, address and account or parcel numbers.



Digital Document Management

Providing upload, search, retrieve and print capabilities, for tax sale notices, certified mailing return receipts, tax sale certificates and redemptive notifications.


Inbound / Outbound Call Management

Offering a full service call center handling everything from inbound support to outbound collections calls. All calls are available online for playback.


Comprehensive Mail Management

Managing, mailing and filing all ACT 819 specific documents relative to tax and property sales, and other mail campaigns. All mailings are retrievable online.


On-Demand Reporting & Statistics

Providing detailed analytics of collections, inbound and outbound calls, mailing campaigns, tax sale results and summaries of financial transactions.


Campaign Scheduler Calendar

Offering an online calendar to schedule all notifications leading up to a tax sale. All events are validated against ACT 819 specifications.


Centralized Property Management

Managing all aspects of delinquent property taxes for a property through a single interface detailing all interactions with homeowners.

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