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  • Quote – Ricky Edwards – 1

    26 Oct

    “I was really pleased, and really impressed, with the service that we got. It was a personal service, we weren’t treated as just a client… When you switch to another company to use your name in providing those [collection] services, it’s important to have that support. It’s important to have that good customer service on …Read More

  • Quote – Mike Tubbs – 1

    24 Aug

    “I have had all of my dealings with Archon to be very professional and they have done everything they promised. They are very knowledgeable of the Louisiana tax laws and are very easy to deal with as situations unique to sheriffs arise. Many of my citizens were excited to participate in our tax sales from …Read More

  • Quote #5

    7 Jul

    “We could not afford to put a system together like Archon. With all the backup they have and all of the support that they have, we couldn’t have afforded to do that. But we can afford to take part in the expertise that they have learned. I would recommend that any sheriff’s office at least …Read More

  • Quote #4

    7 Jul

    “The savings that we had because of Archon’s advertising for us, doing the mail-outs and then having a broader bidder base, if you will, we saved $60,000. Anytime you save money in this business, a tax financed business, it is great for the sheriff’s office and the community” Louis Ackal Sheriff – Iberia Parish

  • Quote #3

    7 Jul

    “It would be in the best interest of everybody who has to collect taxes to take a hard look at [this]. I recommend that my brother sheriffs, throughout the state, take a hard look at the Archon way of doing things. It beats the heck out of what we were doing before.” Louis Ackal Sheriff …Read More

  • Quote #2

    7 Jul

    “There are some things in government services that you can outsource, and it’s very efficient. There are some things that shouldn’t be outsourced. This is something that we have found out, after this year working with Archon, that outsourcing is definitely a benefit.” Stephen W. Prator Sheriff – Caddo Parish

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