About Us

About Archon

Archon provides all levels of government and governmental agencies with comprehensive, progressive tax related and treasury management solutions.

Archon’s philosophy is to provide clients with the highest quality products, services, and counsel, on a timely and responsive basis, while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Mission Statement

Technology is fast becoming the world’s equalizer in today’s society – in every aspect, from commerce and trade to free press and artistic expression. At Archon, we believe that the next logical step is for technology to take its place in government as the next milestone in American democracy. At any level, local, state or federal; technology employed in the right way can be an empowering tool for constituents and a vital means of communications for government leaders. That is why Archon is committed to providing clients with complete end-to-end solutions in technology, legal and collection services.

Archon’s philosophy is unique among competitors in that we believe in product-driven, flexible solutions, not disparate temporary ‘patches’ of technology to produce a one-time quick fix. Archon provides systems that are complex, yet versatile and adaptable to changing needs and can evolve with the clients that utilize them.

Let Archon bring your state, city or municipality to the forefront of the intersection of government and technology.

Our History

Archon was founded in January 2008 by professionals native to New Orleans, Louisiana, with over 12+ years of experience in the legal, collections and technology field. Bryan P. Barrios, Chief Executive Officer has been working in the legal field, specifically with tax law, for 12 years with one of the premier law firms in the City of New Orleans. Chief Technology Officer William D. Sossamon has been working in technology for over 12 years with multiple fortune-500 companies. Sossamon has been recognized professionally by various organizations within the technology industry; is a Microsoft® Certified Professional, and has been awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional award on multiple occasions. They are recognized as experts in their fields and have been consulted repeatedly by various local media outlets in print and broadcast for their endeavors.

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